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The ADVENTURES of Diggle, Boogie & LoLo
Diggle Loses LoLo

Uncle E
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This is a children's book series about three siblings who learn entertaining lessons of life through everyday adventures

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In this initial book, "Diggle Loses LoLo”, seven year old, Diggle is given the responsibility of keeping an eye on his two-year-old sister (LoLo) while his mommy goes to cook breakfast. Though the task seems easy, it becomes complicated when he gets distracted with his other sister, Boogie, and a "complicated” toy situation. In the midst of Diggle and Boogie’s very important issue, LoLo chooses to leave the room. Diggle eventually realizes that LoLo is missing, and is now faced with the fear of unknown consequences from actually being honest. Deciding to take the ‘easy’ route, Diggle chooses to avoid telling his mommy of his neglect. And instead, Diggle finds a creative, yet deceiving way of convincing Boogie to help him find the missing LoLo before LoLo ‘ENTERS GRAVE DANGER’. The two older siblings set off for their own special missing toddler recovery mission, and eventually, Diggle realizes that honesty may just be…the best policy.

Hey! My name is Eric...
But my daddy calls me Diggle.
I'm not sure why he calls me that...
it's all I've known since I was little.
Well...I guess I'm still little.
I'm only 7, but I'm much older
than my sisters, Taylor and Lauryn.
Taylor comes up to my shoulder.

My daddy calls Taylor, Boogie.
And he calls Lauryn, LoLo.
LoLo tries to eat off the ground,
but mommy tells her "No No"

Boogie's kind of bossy.
She's been like that since she was two.
She's 4 now, and doesn't really like it
when people her tell her what to do...

I really love my sisters.
They really love me too.
And my Dad says
he could write a lot of books on all the things that we go through.

He says we are like your normal kids...
...but we do really abnormal things...
Like sticking hands together with crazy clue
or playing with insects that sting.

My dad says it's always an adventure when his three kids are on the go so...
You may want to ask your mommy to make you some cocoa,
as you sit back and listen to...
The Adventures of Diggle, Boogie & LoLo...

"They’re not JUST characters in a book…they are MY KIDS!
AND it’s not JUST a children’s book series…IT’S AN ADVENTURE!”

This is how author, Uncle E, describes his book series, The ADVENTURES of Diggle, Boogie and LoLo. With two books out from the series ("Diggle Loses LoLo” & "Boogie and the Bubbles”), the self-published author is beginning to take the children’s book world by storm. Uncle E’s stories are written in rhyme and promote family values; Uncle E uses his family as the characters in his books. In addition, the family are the ones who perform the voices on the Read-A-Long CD that accompanies the books.

"It’s like Dr Seuss & The Huxtables all wrapped up into one book,” Uncle E explains. To find out more information about Uncle E and The ADVENTURES of Diggle, Boogie & LoLo, check out www.DBLadventures.com.

"As a parent of three girls, I enjoy sharing The Adventures of Diggle, Boogie, and Lolo with my children. They love the story, adore the characters, and often read along while listening to the CD.
As a physician, I believe this story is an excellent source of wholesome entertainment. Its positive message encourages children to develop an open and secure relationship with their parents. I would recommend that every parent share this story with their child.”

Robert E. Burnette, Jr. MD

"Uncle Es new book keeps you on the edge of your seat with real-life, hilarious instances that culminate with one of life's precious lessons. All the while, the book maintains a witty tone and rhyme scheme that keeps the attention of readers of all ages. In the classroom, it reinforced the literature and poetry lessons we have been working on, but outside the classroom, it is equally entertaining and valuable”
Sarah Sanchez, 2nd Grade, Teach For America Metro D.C. Corps '07

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ISBN(13-digit): 9780980132205
Copyright: 2007
Library of Congress: 2007941242
Book Publisher: W3 Publishing, a division of Kellum Enterprises, LLC
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 36
Illustrations (Color): 36
Coated Paper: Yes

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