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Susan R. Sweet
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When Nichelle Drake is rescued from a lifeboat, adrift in the Gulf of Mexico, she has a serious case of sunburn, dehydration, and amnesia. The doctor who treats her and the attractive town's sheriff investigating her, help Nichelle as she struggles to find answers. Nevertheless, she is unprepared for the dangerous journey through the world of gambling, drugs, conspiracy, and murder.

The sheriff vows to keep her safe, but he's hiding secrets of his own. Between the people she's just met and the ones she can't remember knowing, who can Nichelle trust?

"Miss, miss, can you hear me?" Sheriff Doug Manning bent over the inert form of the severely injured Jane Doe. The door opened, and Dr. Kevin Conner strode purposely toward Sheriff Manning. "I thought I told you not to come in here."

"It’s been over a week. I have to get some answers if I’m to find out who she is." Doug Manning straightened. He stood with his feet apart, hands on hips, an angry flush creeping up his neck.

"You mean find out what she can tell you about her attacker."

Doug nodded. "That, too. Look, she may have family worried about her--"

Dr. Connor walked around the hospital bed, then looked across at the angry lawman. "We’ll discuss this outside."

Doug took another look at the sleeping form on the bed, then walked to the door. He waited while the doctor tended to his patient. She whimpered, probably in pain. Dr. Conner frowned and injected something into her IV tube. Finally he motioned Doug outside and pulled the door closed.

"Okay, I’m not bothering your patient now, but I have to get some answers and soon."

Dr. Conner crossed his arms and faced the irate sheriff. "Listen, this woman has been through hell, physically. She’s been beaten, has a broken wrist, is nearly totally dehydrated, and over half her body is severely sunburned."

Doug nodded through the Doctor’s whole dissertation, and then spoke.

"I’m aware of her injuries. I met the Coast Guard when they brought her to shore. I’m amazed she survived."

"Yeah. It’s anyone’s guess how many days she floated in that dinghy."

"So when can I talk to her?"

Dr. Conner shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine. She could awaken at any minute, or it could be days, weeks even. Her inability to awaken is a result of the trauma she’s experienced."

The sheriff ran his fingers through his hair. "Listen, I’m not trying to be a hard-ass here. I’m trying to do my job, Dr. Conner. The lady’s a crime victim. She could still be in danger."


"Yeah. If someone left her for dead and finds out she’s not…" He shrugged. "So it’s important that I question her."

"If it will make you feel any better, I’ll make sure you are called the minute she wakes."

Doug nodded. "I guess I have no other recourse, but I will be dropping in, on a daily basis, to check on her progress."

Dr. Conner walked over to the nurse’s station. "Suit yourself, Sheriff. I’ll make a notation that you’re to be called as soon as she’s conscious. In the meantime, I’ll be transferring her to the Convalescent Care Center Wing of the hospital."

"You can’t do that!"

"Sorry Sheriff, I have no choice. The lady in question is well enough to be released. We’ve kept her in Intensive Care longer than necessary now."

"But she still hasn’t regained consciousness."

"I know that. It could be awhile before that happens. She no longer needs twenty-four hour monitoring. We need the bed. I have to release her to the center this afternoon." The doctor grabbed another chart and headed for the next room, ending the discussion.

Doug was pissed, but realized what the doctor said made sense. As he marched down the hall, Jane Doe consumed his thoughts. He had to admit, even bruised and battered, she was a looker. He remembered the long eyelashes fanning her cheeks, her auburn hair falling nearly to her waist. At least her body was now totally hydrated and healing nicely. Physically, she appeared to be making progress. He hoped it wouldn’t be much longer before they’d know how she fared mentally.

He’d continue to monitor the missing person’s reports. So far he’d found nothing to indicate anyone missed her yet, at least not in the state of Louisiana. It was as if she’d fallen from the sky.

Susan R. Sweet currently spends her time at home with her husband and pets, which include, a horse named Goober, a Rottweiler named Flossy, Chihuahua Taco, and eleven outside cats. She loves to fish, read, play the slots and of course write.

DEADLY AGENT kept me riveted with its suspense and plot twists. Nice surprise ending with a little romance, too." --Cheryl Norman, author, FULL MOON HONEYMOON, STORMS OF THE HEART, http://www.wings-press.com

Set in the rugged outback of Australia, A Deadly Agent is a tale of love, courage, and intrigue. Devastated by the loss of both parents, young Penny MaGrath, in the company of her aunt, travels to Australia to meet relatives she hadn’t known existed. Upon arriving, her first encounter is with the handsome, rugged Devin. Penny tries to quell the attraction she feels for Devin, but it is soon apparent to the reader that Penny and Devin are meant for each other. A mysterious virus, and several unexplained deaths lead the young couple on a search for answers.

Ms. Sweet has written an intriguing story that will keep you guessing right up to the last chapter. Her characters are likable, and their stories interesting. The book was a quick read and I stayed up late to finish it. --Anita Lourcey Tooke, Author, Out Of Her Dreams, http://www.wings-press.com,

In Deadly Agent we travel with the heroine, Penny, from a log cabin deep in the Florida woods to an outback property in Australia. Invited by relatives she had no previous knowledge of, Penny finds herself caught up in a frightening course of events--and also finds an enduring love. If you enjoy a story packed with suspense, mystery and intrigue you'll love this one. Lovers of romance won't be disappointed either. And be prepared for a surprise twist at the end--I didn't see it coming." --Tricia McGill author, Amaryllis and Designing Heart, http://www.wings-press.com

"A Deadly Agent is a wonderful book of suspense, and the pain and pleasure of first love. Sue Sweet has created characters that will stay with you long after you finish the book. This is one you'll want to read again." --Barbara Woodward, author, The Heart Remembers, Follow Your Heart, Wings ePress, Inc., http://www.wings-press.com

"Susan R. Sweet's ADRIFT is an enjoyable read. With its well-drawn characters and plot twists, ADRIFT again showcases Ms. Sweet's command of the mystery genre. Just like A DEADLY AGENT, this book is a keeper."

~Cheryl Norman, EPPIE winning author of LAST RESORT, Wings ePress, Inc.

Susan R Sweet has set us on the end of our seats with this griping mystery. We find ourselves cheering for the heroine and falling in love with the hero. Just when you think you've figure this mystery out she throws in a twist. This is an exciting story that keeps you wanting to turn the pages until the end.. A must read for mystery lovers. Reviewer: Wings Author - Judy Leigh Peters - author of 'A FATHER'S HOPE'

When Nichelle Drake is found adrift in a small boat in the Gulf of Mexico, Doug Manning knows he is in for trouble. The problem only escalates when he learns of mob and political ties to the baffling case. For Nichelle the biggest concern is her lack of memory of anything other than her name. With any link to the past erased from her mind, she can be no help to Doug in his desperate race to find out who wants her dead.

Sue Sweet weaves a complicated plot with more twists than a meandering Louisiana river. In an ending that leaves you terrified to turn the next page and yet wanting to read more, Ms. Sweet brings her characters to a surprising and satisfying closing.

For anyone with a love for mystery, romance and intrigue, this is a definite two thumbs up as a great read. For those like me, who usually don’t like suspense, give it a try. You’ll be hooked after the first two pages. Reviewed by--Wings Author, Sherry Derr-Wille-Becky's Rebel, August 2003 and Summer’s Child--by Whiskey Creek Press--June 2003, Becky’s Rebel--Wings--August 2003

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ISBN: 1590887840
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590887844
Copyright: 2008
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 214
Paper Weight (lb): 9.0

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