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Robin Courtright
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Responsibility and duty drove mercenary Kissre Pierce to find her sister in Cygna, the land of witches. Her journey to insure her sister’s safety will pit sister against sister, country against country and force Kissre to face her own frightening nature.

When Tyna left with Kedriq for a meeting, Kissre decided to take a nap and escape the squad who had stayed behind to wait. The lingering effects of her journey, and the lateness of the last few nights had taken their toll. She was exhausted. It was mid-afternoon when she rose. Fudge rose from the floor beside the bed, whined and licked.

"All right, all right, I’ll get up and take you for a run." She hustled down the back staircase and out through the kitchen with Fudge jump-trotting beside her in purposeful strides. With a pleasant greeting to the servants she passed, she rushed out the door and ran Fudge to the paddocks. Allowing him freedom to conduct his business, she roamed the adjacent grounds. Fudge chased after her, romped, jumped and ran about her in huge circles. She laughed at his antics.

Commotion at the front finally drew her back to the house. Tyna had just returned. She saw Kissre and motioned her forward, her face less welcoming for Fudge.

"Come on, I’ve bought you something." She grinned at Kissre. "The streets are full of people coming in for the Spring Revel."

"Find Bother, Fudge," Kissre commanded and watched him leave. She followed Tyna up the steps and into her sitting room. Tyna appeared happy and full of energy. Kissre perched in an overstuffed chair and waited. It didn’t take long.

"I’ve been searching frantically for this." She handed Kissre a small box. Taking the box, Kissre opened it and looked at the contents. She recognized the amber pendant with its trapped insect as Naomi’s with repulsed loathing. Tyna didn’t notice. "I bought you some clothes to go with it," she said, opening another parcel and pulling out a traditional Cygnese outfit in deep gold. "Here, try it on."

"I’m sorry, but I can’t accept this, Ty." Kissre said, cutting through Tyna’s gaiety. She placed the lid back on the box and put it on a side table.

"Of course you can. Mother would have wanted you to have it."

"No, Ty, Naomi wouldn’t. You do. I cannot accept it. I don’t want it."

Tyna stilled, her full lips compressed, and a crease marred her forehead between her lowered brows. "Because you don’t like it or because it was Mother’s?"

"It makes no difference." Silence. Whatever her face held inflamed Tyna.

"How can you?" Tyna’s voice rose in agitation. "How can you not even acknowledge your relationship? Not mourn her? Not even talk of her? How can you be so unfeeling? What is wrong with you? She was your Mother, too!"

"Tyna, no. I don’t want to talk about this." Kissre said in as level a voice as she could manage as she rose to her feet.

Tyna’s voice rose. "But I want to! I want to know what caused you to hate her so! Hate me! What have I ever done to you?"

"I don’t hate you, but I am leaving this room. Right now," Tyna moved as Kissre took a step, stood blocking her exit. Short of knocking her sister down, Kissre found herself trapped. Gritting her teeth, she looked into an expression hauntingly reminiscent of Naomi. Afraid, she backed away.

"You don’t hate me? Then why do you come here looking like this," her hand waved to Kissre’s hair, face and attire. "Not even trying to wear something to make you appear less... less..."

"Coarse?" Heat surged through Kissre.

Rhobin lives and works in the Northern Michigan where she draws inspiration for her art and her scifi/fantasy stories.

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ISBN: 1590886062
ISBN(13-digit): 9781590886062
Copyright: 2008
Book Publisher: Wings e Press
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 330
Paper Weight (lb): 8.05

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