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Remembering:The Death of a Child
Support and Healing

Robert R. Thompson, M.D.
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After talking the reader on a journey through the time his son was killed, Dr. Thompson shares his insights about death, support, hope and inspiration that have been gleaned from 35 years of rural medical practice and as a hospice consultant. There is a chapter on The Compassionate Friends, mental health issues, acceptance, and a meditation exercise writen by the author for use by individuals or groups.

"Finally, perhaps around midnight, Martha and I were alone in our bedroom. Our son had stopped living and being for less than twenty-four hours.The cold April gray had given way to a clear star-filled sky. We stood together looking out or second story bedroom window at the magnificent Heaven and the warm lights of town in the distance.The world, at least the physical world, seemed so at peace.In those houses people were laughing,playing, watching television, and sleeping as if nothing of consequence had happened in the world. Didn't they know that humanity had lost a son, a brother, and a fellow traveler who had great potential and many unfulfilled dreams? Clearly the earth and the people in it intended to go on withour our Paul. Holding each other we finally drifted off to a fitful sleep."

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Author Shares Personal Story, Lends Helping Hand, January 5, 2003
Reviewer: Aaron A. Mobarak from Chicago, IL How does one go on with life after experiencing the death of a child or loved one? There is no single answer to this question, but in his book, Remembering: The Death of a Child, Dr. Robert Thompson carefully tells of the journey of grief (and eventually peace) travelled by he and his wife, Martha. From the first moments after the accident that took their son's life, to the depths of despair during the first year thereafter, to the subsequent ten years of learning to live again, the author takes us with him as he relives the most difficult and important experience of his life. Dr. Thompson offers no packaged solutions to grieving parents because he acknowledges that none exists. What he does offer, however, is hope through his own ability to find ways to continue to live without trying to "forget" Paul's life or death for a single day. He tells his story of learning to live by remembering and embracing Paul's life as a natural part of each day. He and Martha share their story in hopes of helping others as they were helped by many around them and throughout the country. Dr. Thompson's thoughtful and educated perspective is sure to lend one of many required helping hands to anyone living through his or her own loss.

ISBN: 0972294201
ISBN(13-digit): 9780972294201
Copyright: 2002
Library of Congress: 2002093130
Book Publisher: Sugarloaf Publishing
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 112
Paper Weight (lb): 60
Acid Free Paper: Yes
Coated Paper: Yes

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