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Chasing Time
A Magic Bicycle Tale

William Hill
booksXYZ price: $14.95
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In this fast-paced sequel to The Magic Bicycle, Danny and Murg explore whether violence solves problems, how "try, try again" works and the nature of good and evil. Are we born good or bad? Or made that way?

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In this sequel to The Magic Bicycle, Danny Chase and Murg return, challenged by personal, moral, and cosmic dilemmas across time and space. All has been quiet for a few months, then Spike returns leading a new nastier gang. Spike and his homelife play an important part in the story, giving Danny a further appreciation for his situation. Kalyde's sister from Cor-ror-o-lan comes for a visit on an important mission involving war and peace, and join the calico and Danny for their adventures. Not far behind her arrival are government agents called Shadow Daggers. Throw in Merlin's nemesis, Morgan Le Fay, seeking the time-traveling powers of the bike, and a chase ensues across not only time, space, but ethics, trust, and philosophies of good and evil.

It begins with Danny and his good friend, Jason, talking about Danny being ignored by his dad, who has a new lady friend (replacing his deceased Mom, in Danny's eyes). This discussion is interrupted when Spike's new gang of heavy metal thrashers appear. The Headbangers don't like anyone different, and astride motorbikes, the Headbangers attempt to run down Jason and Danny. Danny could escape, using his imagination-powered bicycle, but to do so would reveal his secret. Should he tell Jason?

Through the book, Danny must use his imagination to resolve his conflict with Spike, show Krindee humans can rise above their violent emotions, deal with losing his friends trust (from being secretive), and saving his friends from the Headbangers, all while eluding the Shadow Daggers.

Past Failing:
'SPIKE! STOP! YOU'RE MAKING A MISTAKE!" Danny yelled. The red-headed youth captained his magic Spacelander bicycle - "Kalyde II" - and two feline companions on a chase through the rainbowed time tunnel.

"Spike can't hear you." From the padded book carrier atop the rear wheel, Danny's calico cat, Murg, projected her thoughts, sending them directly into Danny's mind. "And he doesn't care. He's intent on leaving you far, far behind."

"SPIKE! SPIKE! LISTEN TO ME. . . ." The piercing wail of the winds swept away Danny's words. "I guess you're right," Danny thought back.

Ahead, the huge bully, Spike, also rode a magic bicycle. His monster bike appeared alive, a scuttling black insect with a blue-shelled nose like a cowcatcher. Spike put on a burst of speed, racing farther ahead on the rainbow.

The time tunnel's colors continued to fade, growing worn and ragged. Larger and deeper potholes filled the pathway. Worried eyes peered from the jagged tears lining the tunnel walls. Each hole vented chilling winds that ripped at the riders.

Danny's red Spacelander shuddered, shaking with every rut and bump. Kalyde II struck a chunk of fallen wall, careered airborne, then landed cockeyed. Swerving wildly and hitting more debris, the magic bicycle rattled as if ready to fly apart.

'THE TIME PASSAGE IS GETTING WORSE BY LTHE MINUTE!" White-knuckled, Danny held on for dear life as the bike's vibrations sapped his strength. His left foot slipped off the pedal. An untied shoelace dangled perilously, threatening to get caught in the chain.

"I have a bad feeling about this." Murg's green eyes bounced as her claws dug deeper into the padded carrier.

"If it's the last thing I do, we're going to get back the star metal he stole." Danny focused on the rear tire of the monster bike and visualized pulling the bikes together, wheel to wheel, steel irrestibly drawn to a magnet.

Glancing over his shoulder, Spike saw him coming closer. "YOU'RE NEVER GETTING THIS BACK!"Below a protruding brow, his expression was grim, close-set eyes narrowed with determination.

'SPIKE THIS IS WRONG! THE STAR METAL WON'T SOLVE YOUR PROBLEMS!" Danny yelled over the howling winds.

"WRONG, CHUMP! SOON, I'LL BE RICH! RICH AND FAMOUS!" Spike's monster bike hit a chuckhole. The strap on his backpack slipped. A baseball tumbled out, bouncing away.


"Danny Chase, owner of a bicycle that makes The Magic School Bus look like a Model T pursues bully Spike Blocker through space and time..."

"The bike, given to Danny in the first book by a grateful alien, will go anywhere and become anything he can imagine-so he is understandable dismayed when Spike steals a piece of it, creates a bike of his own, and sets off for the past, intending to amass a collection of significant home-run baseballs that he can auction off for the stake that will allow him to leave his brutally abusive stepfather, Ike."

"Creating a supporting cast that includes telepathic cats, Men (and a Woman) in black, evil sorceress Morgan LeFay and several historical figures, Hill sends his teenaged protagonists barreling through past and future..."

"IN the end, after heart-to-hearts with Plato, Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and Babe Ruth, plus a violent climax that that Danny witnesses and then averts by changing the course of history, Spike and Danny bury the hatchet. Spike and Ike agre to seek counseling..." John Peters, NY Public Library

Chasing Time is a treat for both children and adults - anyone who enjoys using imagination and loves magic, mystery, aliens, and fantasy. Danny Chase and Murg, the talking cat, return in a new adventure, the sequel to THE MAGIC BICYCLE. - Brenda Shepard, Top of Texas Reviews

Magic, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder, Chasing Time is the enchanging sequel to Hill's Magic Bicycle --and it shows. The Book Reader

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ISBN: 1890611034
ISBN(13-digit): 9781890611033
Copyright: 1999
Library of Congress: 98091205
Book Publisher: Otter Creek Press
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 372
Paper Weight (lb): 1.19 lb
Acid Free Paper: Yes
Coated Paper: Yes

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