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The Last Plague
Apocalypse Series

Glen E Page MD
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-"When God called Moses to free the Israelite slaves from the Egyptians God gave him eleven vials. Each vial’s release

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PW-"Interesting. Can you give us an overall view of the Apocalypse Series?”

GP-"It is a story of a group of social misfits and their journey through the Apocalypse to the final battle of Armageddon. Along with overall story line, each of the characters faces their own personal battles and demons during this journey.”

PW-"Demons, such as?”

GP-"Hate, Greed, Prejudice, Abuse, Oppression, Addiction, Poverty, Disease. The list goes on and on.”

PW-"As a physician you probably have seen some of these ‘demons’ in real life?”

GP-"More than I would like. People experience the heartache from the death of love ones. Others feel the overwhelming effects of disease. Many wounded by the deep scars of divorce. I’m astounded by the number of people who suffer from depression. Unfortunately there are many people out there who have lost all glimmers of hope for a better life.”

PW-"You talk as if you speak from experience.”

GP-"For many years I have spoken before groups and counseled individuals about these and similar problems. I hope I can continue to help the best I can.”

PW-"Dr. Page, is that the reason you write these books?”

GP-"One of the reasons. Writing allows me to address the world’s social ills in a non-threatening way, creating characters that struggle, and demonstrating ways they may overcome their tribulations. Hopefully it will give readers potential avenues that they too can succeed in conquering their ‘demons’ and find some meaning and happiness in their own lives.”

Stanley, Idaho, July 6, 1986
Fear shown in the girl’s eyes as the cart slammed through the broad,
off-white double doors leading to the unknown. The overhead fluorescent
lights reflected off the tears rolling down her bloodstained face.
Her trembling hand weakly reached up to touch another, searching
for answers among the masked strangers racing about in their sterile
greens. Now the aseptic odor was stronger, elevating her fear of what
was to come. She tried to raise herself, but gasped and fell back when
she saw blood-soaked bandages filling the gaping wound in her abdomen.
Her attention turned to a burning sensation in her arm where
the IV was located. Then a blanket of sleep overcame her, temporarily
ending her hellish ordeal.

The Last Plague

PW-"I read where you editor called your book ‘very compelling’. Do you know what the editor means?”

GP-"I think so. Passions stir inside of me when I think about what’s happening in our world. All the time I think to myself what kind of legacy are we leaving for future generations. What am I doing personally to make this world a better and safer place to live? In these books I address things that really bother me, and do not mince words. In my writings I hammer hard the societal entrapments that can enslave people to pursuits that really are insignificant when you look at the world suffering.”

PW-"Societal Entrapments, like what?”

GP-"Look at the Meth addicts. The drive to use Meth is so strong, some would do anything for the drug. How many have placed so much emphasis on pursuit of fame, career, financial gain, ‘good times’, that nothing else matters. Several years ago I remember watching an episode of George Lopez when he was warning his daughter about men’s intentions. He made the comment to her that ‘all men are pigs.’ I laughed at his comment. How many times have I quoted his words to my own daughters. But I wonder how many people really do live from one orgasm to the next. How many are so consumed with self-gratification, they have little regard for the feelings of others. In the books I strongly discuss entrapments. I think that’s why the editor felt the book was so compelling, compelling for change.”

PW-"You mentioned you address social ills in your books. Can you give us a couple of examples?”

GP-"Let’s take world poverty for example. I read of a religious figure who visited the Philippines a few years ago. Their poverty touched him. He stated that if his church’s world assets were donated to the Philippines it would only be a drop in the bucket of need just for that country alone. Sadly too many countries suffer from hunger, disease, oppression, lack of education, lack of freedom, and just the basic needs of life.”
"Let’s take another example that really touched me. I read there is this Central African country whose army soldiers took girls from local villages to be their sexual slaves. They abused these girls to the point there vaginas and rectums needed surgical repair at local hospitals. Once they healed, they didn’t want to return to home knowing the same thing would happen to them again.”
"As I read these stories and others, I have asked myself many times how can one human being treat another in such a way? I worry about the children of the world. So many suffer and die each day. Do not all people deserve to live in a safe non-threatening world? I remember when President Jimmy Carter’s group referred to the poverty that existed in Mexico, Central and South America. They described it as millions upon millions. Having lived in Mexico for two years, I’ve personally have seen existing tragedy and hopelessness. But on an encouraging note, I’ve read about people, organizations, celebrities, sports figures, public officials, churches, and others who are trying to make a difference. Like them I want to make a difference, even if it is only results in helping a few. That’s why I so strongly address some of the ills of this world.”

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ISBN: 1933538961
ISBN(13-digit): 9781933538969
Copyright: 2007
No. of Pages: 448

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