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FALSE Roads To Manhood
What Women Need To Know What Men Need To Understand

Frank Chase Jr
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Adventure, suspense and intrigue spanning a seven-year voyage into the expanse of the heart and soul of manhood.

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False Roads to Manhood, What Women Need To Know; What Men Need To Understand chronicles the journeys that men pursue when life hurts. This is a book of adventure, suspense and intrigue spanning a seven-year voyage into the expanse of the heart and soul of manhood, in which the author travels into critical areas of men's inner emotions. False Roads To Manhood uncovers secrets to help women know what they might experience when encountering the traveling man. Written with surgical precision, False Roads To Manhood guides men on an extraordinary journey through their souls, not only to help men understand themselves but also to enlighten women about today's "Adam." Chase uncovers answers and shares wisdom, knowledge, and understanding with women while disclosing the hidden truths behind the iron mask of manhood through personal and emotional accounts from men of varying backgrounds and races.

To bring to fruition the quality of manhood thats wholesome, we
must stop wrestling with the baggage of the forgotten past. We cannot afford
to spend our lives on the playground of life without an ambitious plan for
improvement. All play without goals leaves us exhausted and without plans.
Through Jesus, we can redeem our manhood, be proud of it and flourish in
it. When we flourish as men, we receive respect, not because we say, "I am
the man! But because we live as real men who can reveal weaknesses and
struggles with life without feeling ashamed. We are man enough to say,
"Help me, brother, I need you! These types of men are not afraid of
compassion, and they embrace intimacy with an open heart.
Then, what we say will profoundly change other broken men. Our
focus must not be on how we started out in life, but we must direct our
attention to the future that counts; and remember that as men, we must
finish life with meaning. Our destination is to finish strong, but achieving
this strong finish will require us to end our long-term love affair with foolish
living. I know some of you might have started out on an unfortunate note in
life with meager needs and may have stalled on the road. Other men may
have had the best in life, but somehow wrecked their lives following broken
friends who tried to be men and were swept away because they could not
deal with the common challenges of manhood.

Dr. FRANK CHASE, JR., a native of Baltimore, Maryland, served in the United States Army. As a lay minister, he has served as a teacher, counselor, mentor and leader in men's ministries and is also a noted conference speaker. He is a graduate of Washington State University and has a BA degree in Communications with a minor in Sociology. Dr Chase has a BA degree in Biblical Studies from North Carolina College of Theology and a Masters of Theology degree from the same institution. Dr. Chase also has a Doctorate degree in Theology from North Carolina College of Theology. Dr. Chase has authored and published numerous religious and relationship articles for newspapers, online magazines and print media. He has appeared on many television and radio programs as a recurring guest. Dr. Chase and his wife Teresa are residents of Alabama and is the father of six children. Dr. Chase currently works as senior aviation writer on Army Helicopters for the Department of the Army's monthly publication, PS Magazine, LOGSA, located at Redstone Arsenal, Al. Dr. Chase also started his publishing company, FC Publishing, LLC to publish his book, False Roads To Manhood.

False Roads To Manhood
False Roads To Manhood Blog
False Roads To Manhood Book Trailer
FC Publishing, LLC

Iris Raeshaun, publisher of OURNEWS Christian Magazine, recently provided this review: "We need not look far to see the repercussions of sons and daughters growing up without fathers, or grown girls grappling in marriages to grown boys, both searching for their fathers, or a semblance of a father, for affirmation of themselves. For every man and woman in search of themselves, the lost, given away, taken away, or abandoned parts of themselves should stop everything they are doing, hole up in a quiet place with "False Roads, read it and re-read it word for word, from cover to cover. You will emerge a new person. In this painfully good work, Frank reminds us all of the redemptive power of the Cross. Frank becomes vulnerable, stripping himself of male egotism and pride's false coverings, revealing true manhood, imploring both men and women alike to lay down their burdens of brokenness, shed their cloaks of guilt and shame and rise up from the ashes in the beauty of wholeness and the beauty of holiness.

FALSE ROADS TO MANHOOD by Frank Chase, Jr is a must read. This book is for every person that is capable of being real with himself concerning the concept of what truly makes a man a man. This book will force you to deal with many of the urgent needs that every man will eventually have to face as they make their way through this journey that we call life. Chase did an excellent job weaving these concepts with Biblical scripture, and as you read this book your inner man will continue to be fed in the process. Frank Chase, Jr., is ahead of his time as a writer. I believe that this book needs to be personally put into every man's hand so that he may have the understanding required to make the transition. Book reviewed by Dark Pen THE GHOST a.k.a THE GENTLEMAN --Black Men In America

I am so thrilled that God has chosen to do such a mighty work in and through Frank Chase! False Roads to Manhood is an insightful and intimate body of work, written from the heart of a man with a powerful and compassionate voice. Chase provides his readers with higher-powered mission fuel for their Christian walk toward becoming better men, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers and leaders. His message is rooted in the process of deepening our relationships with God, ourselves, our families and our communities. False Roads is the real deal read it and reap! Proud Papa Magazine

Book Review:
"False Roads To Manhood, What Women Need To Know, What Men Need To Understand is in essence an analytical study of the journey of manhood. Provided with meticulous precision the author Frank Chase walks the reader through many pitfalls that often times lead to brokenhearted men. This is a compelling message that provides an unmasking of false roads as Mr. Chase articulately depicts them as the T. R. A. D. I. T. O. N. s. of manhood.
"This book is provided as a fundamental guide that will generate thought, encouraging movement to expose those hidden painful experiences that ultimately shape men. Causing them to become angry men who feel rejected, abandoned, discouraged, uncomfortable with expressing emotions, uninformed about the trueness of manhood and a host of other issues that plaque our men today. Robbing them of the chance to live the lives that they were predestined to live.
B2M Magazine

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ISBN: 0975521780
ISBN(13-digit): 9780975521786
Copyright: 2005
Dewey Decimal: 248.8/42
Library of Congress: 2005923850
Book Publisher: FC Publishing, LLC
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 288
Paper Weight (lb): 50# White

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