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My Journey To An Integrated Life
A Journal of Self Discovery

Melinda M. Sorensson
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A workbook for everyone who wants to either discover or rediscover the divine Self

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We look deep within and figure out what stirs our soul.

Once we make the decision of what is important in our lives, the universe opens up possibilities to get there, but we have to take a leap of Faith, whereever and however we find it, that we will be supported in our decision

The cube is a symbol of stability. It is also a symbol of total balance. Sometimes it is used to symbolize truth. To me, the cube is a symbol of perfection, it is a symbol of an integrated life. An integrated life is a life led by an integrated person. In it, there is perfect harmony between wants and needs, be they spiritual, financial, physical, mental or relationship needs and wants. For each individual, such a perfect balance exists, and such balance can only be determined by the person living his or her life. Paradoxically, achieving balance in all areas of our lives is not a static process but rather a very dynamic one. Our needs and wants change. Everything outside of us changes. Our bodies change. How then do we achieve this balance when everything changes? We must bring ourselves back to that which is immutable, our divine Self which is unchanging. It is pure, perfect, endowed with infinite wisdom and has within it all the knowledge required to make sound decisions. All we have to do is remember it. When we remember this Self, we are in the moment, and all of our thoughts and actions or inactions are perfect for that moment. An integrated life is a series of perfect moments, arranged like pearls in a necklace that has no clasps.

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Book Reviews:
I think this book is awesome! This is a very creative idea of the author. This is a great concept to reach your higher self. What's wonderful is when the journal is complete it is all about the deeper YOU. You can then reflect on it, you know what they say about writing things down and how you retain them better. I can't wait to get started on my journey because I am anxious to see the outcome and learn things about myself that I never knew. I would suggest this journal to everyone. You will not be disappointed. -Angela from Florida

I will spread the word. I'm so very impressed!. I began my "journey" two nights ago....very informative and fun getting to know "me" again! I wish you all the best! -Catherine from New England

I will let my friends know about this wonderful book to help them achieve what they want. Thank you so much-GC from Louisiana

This is a very very interactive journal. Every person must have it if they want to enrich their souls with good thoughts and peace-Jagdish from Florida

What a generous gift "My Journey to an Integrated Life" is. Thank you so much! I have completed "My Decision Page" and Page 1"Be Good to Yourself". What a good beginning for this wonderful book! I look forward to future pages and meditating 30 minutes per day as you suggest-MB from Louisiana

It is a wonderful reminder of how busy our lives can be and a tool to stop and rethink our priorities as well as nourish our dreams-LR, Louisiana

Writing from the heart, Melinda Sorenson's book provides a unique way to understand life. Through the simple technique of journaling, you put into words your own feelings and desires. Each page holds a "golden nugget" that allows a simple and creative way for your own self discovery.-CS in CT

I began the book right away. It has helped me to write everyday...a pleaaure of mine that I've gotten away from. I'm reflecting each day sitting down to write. Thank you for bringing me back to that with your book. -Kisha in Louisiana

I highly recommend this book! It's a wonderful book that you not only read, but do the daily exercises. It's a powerful read and can do everyone that reads it a lot of good and growth into a more fulfilling life, with balance,purpose, and success-Robert in Michigan

I like the format that you write the daily affirmations and meditations. Thank you!-JS from Louisiana

The book is so simple that even a 10 year old child can appreciate it. The format is large and allows for a lot of creativity on the part of the one who will write in it, and the artwork used to depict the principles is sometimes quite funny, yet underneath it all is the author's deep sense of peace and freedom which can be attained by anyone who is willing to do the necessary self introspection inherent in keeping a journal. It is a wealth creation manual for those who are seeking wealth, it is a zen book for those who are practicing Zen, it is a tool for those who are seeking peace through writing, and it is just a simple book to browse when we are already happy. I would recommend this book to everyone. I think it would make an especially great gift for a youngster who is inclined to write, or an older child ready to leave home for the first time. (At the very least, it will encourage the younger children to write as well as it will encourage older ones to reflect honestly on their daily activities.) In one sentence, the book is both deceptively simple and deeply profound-ahd, texas

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ISBN: 0979650704
ISBN(13-digit): 978097965070
Copyright: 2007
Library of Congress: 2007903671
Book Publisher: Sorensson and Son Publishing Co.
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 244
Paper Weight (lb): 2
Illustrations (B&W): 240
Dust Cover: Yes
Acid Free Paper: Yes
Coated Paper: Yes

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