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Kiss of a Dolphin
Tom Tuohy
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This is a story of Dreams for Kids. It is a story of compassion, acceptance, and love.

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The moving, real-life stories of children who have been giving a opportunity to achieve what they thought impossible, takes us on journey of courage and determination. With the compassion and acceptance of others, these children found the courage to refuse to allow the circumstances of their lives to determine the quality of their days. Children came from the sidelines of life to sail, golf, water-ski, and play sports that previously existed only in their dreams, and were met with the grace of idols and everday people, who unselfishly gave their time and their hearts.

Kiss of a Dolphin

âₓIt is hard for me to remember when I read a book that hooked me from page one, and did not let me put it down until I devoured every word. This book touched me on so many levels. Kiss of a Dolphin is a book about the power of love...love that does not distinguish between giver and receiver…Tom Tuohy clearly knows that power and speaks about it with such unflinching honesty, I found myself unable to look way. As a culture, our attention drifts too often to what is wrong about the world. Reading this book will remind anyone about all that is right.”

Andrea Patten
Co-author, What Kids Need to Succeed
Four Foundations to Adult Achievement

"Kiss of a Dolphin captures the true embodiment of humanity. This book inspires people to seek out the ‘extraordinary in everyone they meet…to create a world, one community at a time, that embraces all races, economic classes, cultures, and abilities—realizing we are nothing without each other and that we all have value…Kiss of a Dolphin is a vision of beauty, conviction, and discipline...a way of life…This book brings honor, and character and chivalry back to a culture in desperate need of purpose and meaning.”

Shawna Egan
Children’s Autism Center

âₓLittle did I know that when I was given Kiss of a Dolphin that it was a gift that would change my life. This book is so overwhelmingly beautiful, with so many profoundly moving stories that touched my heart deeply. Kiss of a Dolphin teaches us, with indomitable spirit, that we all can strive to new heights…and truly make a difference in others lives. What greater legacy would we want?”

Carol Hamblet Adams
Author, My Beautiful Broken Shell

âₓThe Kiss of a Dolphin demonstrates the power each of us has within us to briefly brighten, if not permanently enhance, the lives of those facing severe limitations—be those economic, physical, genetic, or developmental. âₓLimitations” is probably not the right word as Tom Tuohy demonstrates that what seems impossible is, in fact, readily achieved when we bring together our creativity and commitment to the belief that anything is possible. If you don’t go to sleep dreaming about where you fit in, it’s probably because you’re still awake reading it.”

Jack Ryan
Little Friends, Inc

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ISBN: 097877888X
ISBN(13-digit): 978097877888
Copyright: 2006
Library of Congress: 2006934924
Book Publisher: Lumen-us Publications
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 209
Paper Weight (lb): 60 pound o

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