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Never Ceese
Sue Dent
Mass Market
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A vampire . . . a werewolf . . . can two who were wronged make it right? By their faith.

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A determined werewolf, acting on her long-held wish to free herself of her curse, teams up with a skeptical vampire who can no longer admit that having his curse removed is something he wants.

Will Cassie Felts be able to help them as her grandmother implored her to do or will they suffer at the hands of a radical and evil stem cell researcher who want the fame and immortality he believes their blood will give him?

When it regained full consciousness, the wolf could tell it was no longer a wolf. It heard a dull roar and looked up as a plane flew overhead, low. The stars were no longer visible. Dawn wasn’t far away. Her muscles ached, but there was a lull in activity. Taking advantage seemed the thing to do. Lying on her back, she studied one hand, the other.
âₓOne, three,” she whispered,improperly enunciating, not really conscious of what she should sound like but trying nonetheless. She stared at individual fingers again. âₓAon, trí—no!” She could speak, understood more than one language, knew what language was. It was just too difficult right now to make the words come out, or to think of words. Yipping and barking were all she’d known for so long.

Frustrated, she tried again, but nothing she uttered made any sense to her. She’d take
inventory later, when things were clearer in her mind. After all, it wasn’t like she needed to talk to get around. She could always rely on things more familiar to her: her sense of smell and hearing. Yet she realized that these things weren’t as they used to be either. Before, the plane’s drone she’d heard would have bothered her, would have had her howling. As it was now, she barely noticed it.

She had to struggle to pick up her own scent, and couldn’t hear the wolves she’d left behind. She sat up, bothered by how different things were, and raised her head to howl. But her howl became a human cry that filled the woods around her.

The changes taking place now were subtle, and afterward, she had an entirely new perspective on what she had become, as well as what she had been. Now, she understood
why she’d stayed the wolf for so long, knew it was the easiest way. At least, until now.

Having the curse was bad enough, especially when she didn\'t ask for it or want it to begin with. But as long as she didn\'t curse another, there was the possibility it could be lifted. She knew this because of what Joachim told her. Joachim had taught her much, but Joachim was no more. He had killed another, and his fate was set. She would never forget the tortured look on his face the day he met his demise.

She wouldn’t die like that. She would not die like Joachim. She didn’t want to live forever,knowing she would never see Heaven. Yet, this was her dilemma. While cursed, she couldn’t acknowledge the one thing she knew could ensure her eternal salvation. Having the curse meant that she couldn’t entertain such thoughts. Doing so might kill her, or at the very least, cause great pain. Joachim had warned her of that. Still, she had tried many times, and was making progress. And then, when the voice came, she knew it was; time to act on her long-held wish.

Never Ceese
Sue Dent Blog

Never Ceese
Sue Dent
Class/Genre: Fantasy Fiction Young Adult Horror Religious Fiction Christianity

Journey Stone Creations, LLC, 2005, 300 pgs.

I loved everything about this book. I usually read several fiction books per week, and I'd have to place this one by Sue Dent right up there with my all-time favorite, The Stand, by Stephen King. I am anxiously awaiting the sequel to Never Ceese, Forever Richard.

I really enjoyed Ms. Dent's writing style. She succeeds in making the reader feel like they are right there, witnessing the story firsthand. The characters, the setting, everything was perfect. I couldn't put the book down until I was finished, and to be honest I was somewhat upset that I didn't already have the sequel to begin reading immediately.

Never Ceese is the type of book that you will find yourself reading over and over again, something I know I'll do. I loved absolutely everything about this book, and I can't wait to read more of Ms. Dent's work.

Actually reviewed by Shayla B. in SLC

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ISBN: 1599580179
ISBN(13-digit): 978-1599580173
Copyright: 2006
Book Publisher: Journey Stone Creations
No. of Pages: 336
Paper Weight (lb): 1.8
Dust Cover: Yes

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