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Sender Unknown
Sallie Lowenstein
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Markham Perralt has just bought a house where 15-20 toy catalogs are delivered daily. When he orders, the results are unexpected.

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Markham Perralt. Brilliant. Eccentric. He graduates from high school at age fourteen, voted by his friends to become the greatest computer geek in history. Instead he becomes a fix-it-man, until he is prodded by his tenth high school reunion to prove himself. Suddenly he reappears as the rising star of a computer firm. Gone are his yellow tennis shoes, held together by red dental floss. Gone are his blue jeans, and wire-rim glasses, replaced by business shoes, business suits and contact lenses. But he grieves for his lost boyhood, where daydreaming and pretending and crafting things with his hands filled his days. When his bosses force him to move out of his beloved cottage at the edge of Old Willingham Park for something more upscale, he buys an oddly unconventional house with a tree growing through the wide porch across its front. And when it turns out that a flood of obscure toy catlogs pour through the mail slot on a daily basis, he can't resist ordering just a few toys, choosing to ignore the declarations of no refunds, no returns on the order forms. Too late, after his orders arrive and aren't exactly toys, he remembers the old warning: Let the Buyer Beware!

Elflet sucked his finger.
The seond crate lid came off more easily. Mark took a deep breath and looked in. It came up to his chest and was full of straw. He couldn't see anything in it, so he dipped into the straw, swirling it around with his hand.
"Watch it!" a voice said. "Keep your hands to yourself."
Elflet pulled a pile of catalogs over to the crate and climbed up to look inside. "Nothin' there," he said around his finger. "Jus' a bunch of straw."
A snicker came from the crate. Mark rubbed his eyes. "Stay here a moment, Elflet. I need to get my list off the refrigerator," Mark said.
He dashed into the kitchen and grabbed for the list of what he had ordered, but it slipped from his fingers and glided under the refrigerator.
He was fishing it out when Elflet said loudly right by his ear, "Whatcha doing?"
Next to the litte boy was a bigger boy.
Mark hooked the paper and pulled it out. He glanced at it quickly. "Uh, just out of curiosity, who are you?" he asked the bigger boy whose skin glowed lightly green.
"Traxon," the answer came in a kind of warbling trill.
"Traxon? You wouldn't happen to be from the Ardromini Galazy?"
"Maybe," the voice warbled. "Where is this?"
"My house," Mark said.
"What galaxy?" Traxon asked impatiently.
"Milky Way," Mark said, wondering if he had finally lost his sanity.
Something thumped and Traxon vanished.
"Invisibility screen," Mark mumbled what was written next to the toy from Ardromini. "Come on you two, follow me. Now sit, right there," he pointed to the sofa.
Elflet pulled up onto the couch and the cushion next to him sank, as apparently Traxon sat down.

Juvenile Fiction Books :: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic Books

ISBN: 0965848647
ISBN(13-digit): 9780965848640
Copyright: 2003
Library of Congress: 2002090957
Book Publisher: Lion Stone Books
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 258
Paper Weight (lb): 70 l
Illustrations (B&W): 36
Coated Paper: Yes

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