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Evan's Voice
Lowenstein, Sallie
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In a plague decimated future world, Jake must take care of his plague-stricken brother, Evan.

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In a plague-decimated future world, people are divided into haves and have-nots, and Jake is definitely a have-not. Abandoned by his mother, Jake must take care of his plague-stricken brother Evan, while trying to stay in high shcoo. Only one ray of hope shines in this bleak world, a strange storyteller who comes on television and tells tales of amazing alien worlds. Propelled by a school assignment, Jake and his friend Mellie must enter a deserted part of the city called the Dead Zone to find the storyteller, but what they find is beyond their wildest expectations, providing new hope, even for Evan. A fascinating tale, with an ending no one has ever guessed.

Long after all the kids had scattered, he sat on the wet ground under the lone schoolyard tree. He stared at his long fingers and bony knees and knew why no girl looked at him. He was too skinny. Ma used to tell him his eyes were Periwinkle, but he had always known they were just watery blue, and that his teeth were too big for his jaw. If he'd been a rich Gizmo kid, his teeth would have been straightened already. He yanked his pants down on his extra long legs that just kept getting longer and longer, got up and walked home to Evan.
"You're late," Ma yelled. "How many times I got to tell you to come home on time? I got to work!" She slammed out of the door.
Evan was seven and still couldn't talk. Ma said it was the Plague. Evan had been born long after its height, but Ma still claimed it was the Plague that had marked him. Evan was seven and Ma said he was dumb as a doorknob, but it didn't matter to Jake, because Evan and Jake loved each other. Jake read to Evan every night. He read him first readers, he read him comic books, he read him his Evol book. Jake hoped if he said each word crisply Evan might talk or repeat a sound. He didn't, but Jake kept it up. He needed a brother to tell secrets to, to climb trees with, to tell jokes and stories to, and even though Evan couldn't do anything like that, he could hug Jake. Jake took what he could get and they often fell asleep together on the sofa until Ma came home at 5:30 in the morning like she did most mornings, and made them get up and start over.

Juvenile Fiction Books :: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Magic Books

ISBN: 0965848612
ISBN(13-digit): 9780965848619
Copyright: 1999
Dewey Decimal: [Fic]
Library of Congress: 98092071
Book Publisher: Lion Stone Books
Language: ENG
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 186
Paper Weight (lb): 60 l
Illustrations (B&W): 49
Dust Cover: Yes

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