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A L.I.F.E. Blueprint
Spirituality Designed for the Non-Religious

Cornelius, Diana
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Part 1 The books beginning finds the author a chubby teenager, as she
struggles with being accepted by her peers. She finds that a membership in
church will secure her some popularity. Thus begins a life of compromise and
acquiescing 3/4 far from the original blueprint for success with which the very
young, independent Diana was born.

As a maturing adult, no goals seemed more important than to become a wife and
a mother. After those goals were met and completed, the empty nest syndrome
set in. Twenty-four years into her comfortable marriage, the author experiences
a paranormal awakening of the spirit. The event triggers a mid-life crisis and
she decides to walk away from the nest toward a spiritual path. Strange
sensations in her emotional and physical body seemed to be quelled by thinking,
on a soul deep level, about getting to know God. Finding the Self became
paramount. Dramatic events begin to unfold
Diana, the author, is also a professional interior designer. She realizes she is
now in the business of redesigning her own soul interior. Her pathway to
spirituality leads her through countless adventures in the metaphysical world of
seminars, retreats, gurus, and teachers. Her accomplishment in finding the
spiritual dimension of her personality brings her to her personal joy and she
wants to share what she has learned.

Part 2. She finds very creative ways to prove to her reader that there are secular ways
to look at spirituality without giving it a parochial or theological metaphor. First she
describes the metaphysical world as seen through the science of physics.
Following that is a chapter devoted to an exploration of the fine arts through a
simple art course. The astute reader will realize that the course is also an
opportunity to review the lives they are living, and to observe whether or not they
have really taken a good, close look.

More chapters in this section offer the reader methods for getting what they want
out of life. Twenty personal growth tips are offered. If one were to follow these
powerful tips, he would have life completely figured out.

Part 3 gives ideas of how the individual can use spiritual values to rise to his
potential, and to change himself and his world. Spiritual people are powerful
people. Each has an obligation to contribute, in some way, to a better society.

Part IV is a review and poses pertinent questions to anyone considering a
spiritual path as their path.

CONTACT INFORMATION; One Mind Publishing 408.725-1495 (Phone/Fax)
Toll Free: 888.731-2461 Email: diana@dianacornelius.com

Foreword Magazine

It is not New Age mumbo-jumbo anymore: spirituality is becoming a newly accepted trend. To many, the word spiritual implies a connection with an organized religion. Indeed, some people do discover everything needed for a spiritual life within the confines of their religion.

And then there are the rest of us.

As Diana Cornelius so eloquently explains, spirituality can be hard to define, but it does not need to reside only within the walls of a church or temple. Believing in a god or greater power does not preclude the need to have a conduit through which to communicate to such a being.

A L.I.F.E. Blueprint provides a variety of sensible methods to begin the reader\\\\\\\'s own journey toward a spiritual life, without the need to belong to any particular faith. While it cannot be the all-encompassing guide that makes other self-help, spiritual and New Age books obsolete, it offers an adequate start for someone seeking enlightenment.

In this well-written book sprinkled with contemporary references to movies, television shows, and familiar quotes, the reader is invited to work through the metaphor of designing a house in order to gain an understanding of spirituality. While some of the exercises such as meditation, daily affirmations, and creative visualization may seem like typical New Age suggestions, they are contextualized in a non-religious spiritual sense. Also offered are useful places to seek additional advice, including books, organizations and websites. The use of cultural icons lends an air of reality to a subject that can often slant toward the esoteric: Oprah Winfrey, Grandma Moses, Chevy Chase, Annette Funicello, and even Yoda are referred to.

Cornelius uses her own experiences to illustrate how one can learn and grow spiritually. She is not afraid to let it all hang out, and provides a balanced portrait of herself, sharing moments of embarrassment and poignancy, as well as success.

The friendly writing style easily draws the reader in and the book presents an eclectic exploration of Cornelius\\\\\\\' version of God, which she calls L.I.F.E. (the \\\\\\\"Loving, Infinite Force of Energy\\\\\\\"). According to her, L.I.F.E. simply flows around us, prodding us toward using our full potential. She encourages readers to look deep within to discover what they really want, because this will be the first step in becoming spiritually one with the universe. Remarkably, she does it in a very down-to-earth way.

One Mind Publishing

Sample Review (387 words) of
A L.I.F.E. Blueprint:
Spirituality Designed for the Non-Religious
by Diana Cornelius

For fifty-five years Diana Cornelius enjoyed a very comfortable life unaware of any need to recognize any spiritual component to her personality. Then, as if she had received a direct command from some mysterious force from the universe, an unusual spiritual awakening took place. Literally overnight her life was changed forever. She describes this incredible paranormal event with vivid detail in her 228-page book.

As a professional interior designer, Diana had helped clients become introspective about what changes to their living spaces would create a more authentic and charismatic atmosphere. Consequently, Diana found that she, herself, was becoming increasingly aware that her outside world was not matching her hearts
desire. With a sense of amusement she began to notice she was personally involved in a remodeling of her own interior.

Her book, A L.I.F.E. Blueprint: Spirituality Designed for the Non-Religious intimately reveals the author's very personal story of what steps she took to find her spirituality. Her story is not new, but her courage to make necessary changes is rare for someone of her generation. Her spiritual path was unorthodox by avoiding the more typical religious institutions for her education. She climbed no mountains to seek shamen or gurus, but stayed very close to home.

This book is quite basic and logical. She uses a science lesson to cleverly illustrate the physical laws of the universe, and how they interact with spiritual concepts. In another chapter involving the fine art of painting, she parallels a simple art lesson with the importance of personal growth no matter what age we are.

It is obvious that this mature woman has found a way live a more meaningful existence since accepting the spiritual dimension of her personality. Her concept of God is that of a Loving, Infinite, Force of Energy. It is an uncomplicated acceptance, like the act of breathing in and out, that one can simply embrace God in LIFE itself.

While this book is essentially one woman story, the book does a good job of explaining the author concept of spirituality. It is doubtful her philosophy would offend even those secure with a particular religion. For those curious about what it means to live a spiritual life without a commitment to an organized religion, we can recommend this easy-to-comprehend book as a very clear and non-preachy guide.

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ISBN: 0970212402
ISBN(13-digit): 9780970212405
Copyright: 2002
Dewey Decimal: 153
Book Publisher: One Mind Pub
Language: ENG
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 214
Paper Weight (lb): 50
Illustrations (B&W): 1

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