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The Parcel Express Murders
Connor, Bernadette Y.
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female psychiatrist is unknowingly embroiled in a series of murders and falls in love with the detective assigned to solving them.

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Detectives Hall Hawkins and Edward Clark of the 30th Precinct Homicide Division are assigned the daunting task of solving the brutal murders of the handsome, Exquisite Wheels owner, David Bass, and his beautiful, fashion designer date, Kay Spencer. The case is every homicide detectives nightmare: A double murder with only one clue . . . corpses riddled with bullets from a .45.

As Hawkins and Clark pursue this cunning, cold blooded killer, they uncover one sordid detail after another about the lives of the wealthy and worldly victims, shedding no light on the case. A string of unsolved murders following on the heels of the Bass and Spencer case deepens the mystery.

Detective Hall Hawkins' stunning family friend, psychiatrist Samoa Tate, is introduced to the sophisticated and charming Detective Edward Clark and finds herself embroiled in a love triangle that she alone knows all about and a murder mystery of which she is completely unaware.

The handsome couple's sudden burst of laughter rang out and bounced from pillar to pillar as they entered the silent parking garage. He was an elegantly dressed man with a long, black cashmere coat--tall, golden, with glorious green eyes and black hair. She was a rich chestnut brown woman with a sleek, glossy haircut and seductive red lips, wearing red spike heels and a full-length silver fox coat. As their laughter subsided and they walked toward his car, he remotely disarmed the alarm system and released the locks. He encased her arm in his, and their footfalls on the cement floor were all that could be heard. Before opening the passenger door of his gold Mercedes-Benz CL500, he cradled her chin in his hand and placed an intimate kiss on her lips.

The muffled thud of the Mercedes' handle nearly obscured the metallic slide and clack of the .45. The couple looked up in surprise in the direction of the unfamiliar sound. The first bullet tore through her chest and violently thrust her back into his arms. The second bullet tore through her skull, exited, and bore into his throat. The final three bullets riddled the couple's bodies as they crumpled and danced to the cold, gray floor. His body struck the panel of the car next to them, and the shrill car alarm echoed through the wide, flat, steel and cement structure.


Fiction Books :: Mystery & Detective Books :: General Books

ISBN: 0971583803
ISBN(13-digit): 9780971583801
Copyright: 2002
Dewey Decimal: 813/.54
Library of Congress: 2001007584
Book Publisher: Bee Con Books
Language: ENG
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 224
Dust Cover: Yes

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