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Losing Innocence
Brian R. Smith
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A story about betrayal, manipulation and how easily innocence is lost.

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Losing Innocence is a story about betrayal, manipulation and how easily innocence is lost. Lance and Mia are both single parents, both recovering from past abusive relationships, who meet on a blind date. Although neither shows much inclination toward marriage, both find themselves altering their perceptions. They find that the happiness they experience together is jeopardized due to Mia--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¾--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢s ex-husband, Jeff, and the influence he yields with the children. The children are a powerful pawn in the ex-husbands scheme, which goes horribly wrong leaving physical and emotional casualties.

Losing Innocence explores the extent to which a person may be willing to go in an effort to achieve a goal or protect a way of life, combining elements of romance and suspense designed to capture the imagination as well as to provoke thought.

"You have to stop this, Dad." A figure detached itself from the shadows in the hallway and moved towards him, pale face suspended in the darkness above a Mickey Mouse nightshirt.
Lance threw an arm sideways to regain his balance, and became entangled in the coat hanging from a hook to the right of the door. At least it kept him upright. "You scared the living crap outta me. What are you doing up?"
Arms folded in front of her, Tori eyed him from head to foot. "Waiting for you."
"I'm fine. Perfectly fine," he enunciated carefully. "I went, I drank, I got the crap beat out of me. It was a reg--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'€šÂ¬Ã…¡Ã‚¬?regular Friday night and all is right with the world." Damn, beer was gassy.
"You're a mess," she replied coldly.
"Yep, that would be me. I oughta be good at it by now, doncha think?" Lance hiccupped again.
"I can't keep taking care of you. I've been doing it since I was twelve years old and you have to stop coming home like this, because I can't do it forever!"
If the frustration in her voice didn't hit home, the words did. His daughter was mothering him, and had been since he'd thrown her mother out four years ago. "I know what I'm doing, Tori." Lance winced as if he'd been slugged another one in the gut. Only it would have been easier if she had hit him. Instead, he'd hit himself over and over and over, with what he'd done--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¦his daughter had no mother to speak of, and it was his fault.
"Yeah, right. You know what you're doing, and you've been doing a lot of it, lately."
"There's nothing wrong. I just need to get some sleep." He pushed away from the wall, and stood there, swaying. "See you in the morning, sweetheart."
Her hands twisted at the hem of her nightshirt. Even in the dark he could see her worrying it. "You have to move on. Stop doing this to yourself."
"I have moved on, and I didn't do this to myself. Some nice gentleman with an anchor tattooed on his fist, did it. I got a close up view of the anchor." He stared at her owlishly. When did she turn into twins?
"We're going to talk about this tomorrow when you've sobered up," she warned, turning to go.
"No, we're not!" He hollered at her retreating back. When she disappeared into the darkness, he shrugged his shoulders and muttered, "Oh, fine. Guess that means we will."
Lance stumbled though the shadowed hallway to the master bedroom and along the wall to the bathroom. He turned the cold water on and hung his head over the sink, splashing it repeatedly to rinse off the caked blood around his mouth, and wincing as he touched a swollen cheek.

Brian R. Smith's Website
Losing Innocence
Losing Innocence

In the climax, Smith, shows the family as a simmering pot of churning human emotion. It is inevitable that it boil over into disaster. It is devastating for the whole family and for the children it truly is a --†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã‚¦'‚'‚¬Ã…âₓLoss of Innocence.--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬?

The book is well written, realistic, and a look at what goes on in the world every day. I highly recommend this book.

Donna Thompson
Author of "Plot Twist"

"Losing Innocence" will hold you captive from the first page to the last and when you read that last page you will find yourself wanting more from this writer. I will be anxiously awaiting his next book.

Elizabeth Melton Parsons
Author of Out of Darkness

Can Lance and Mia hold everything together without losing it all? Find out in this moving, visual and wonderful book!

Rosada Hesselfeldt
Author of Through All Time

"Losing Innocence" is a must read that a lot of readers will relate to. I personally can--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¾--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢t wait to review Brian--†â€™Ãƒâ€ Ã¢â‚¬â„¢--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¡--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¬--†â€™Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¢'‚'‚¬Ã…¾--¢â‚'ƒâ€šÃ‚¢s next novel.

Naomi Jo Rush
Author of I Kissed A Frog And My Prince Forgave Me : A poetic journey through infidelity.

ISBN: 1424100380
ISBN(13-digit): 9781424100385
Copyright: 2005
Dewey Decimal: 808
Book Publisher: PublishAmerica
Language: ENG
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 204
Acid Free Paper: Yes

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