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Murder at Sunset
A Maggie Goss Mystery

J. McGrath
booksXYZ price: $8.95
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Maggie Goss is drawn into solving the murder of her friend Mary Spencer.

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Hearing the rumors of her friend, Mary Spencer's murder, Maggie hurries into the nurses station of Sunset home and is shocked to find her nephew, Sam Goss, the Chief of Police. The rumors were true.
Hearing more rumors at her bridge club the next day that if true would inplicate Mary's son, Maggie gets this information to Sam. With no solid leads, Sam asks her to try to confirm them. And, from this point Maggie becomes more and more involved each day as the plot grows more entangled and complicated. Before it's solved, they will uncover Mafia involvement, the FBI will get involved and nearly a dozen people will be murdered.

Sam was interviewing Sarah Blitzstein when he heard a familiar voice: "What's going on? Everyone's talking about mur.... Maggie Goss, Sam's aunt, was stopped short when she saw her nephew as she barged into the small crowd at the nurse's station. She was dressed in her batghrobe her hair still wrapped up for bed, making her slim frame seem taller than its five-foot-six-inches. Even without makeup, her thin-featured face was attractive.
"Aunt Maggie?"
"Nephew? What are you doing here?"
Sam chuckled as he came over to her. "I'm afrain I'm here on business."
"If your're here at this time on Sunday morning, it must be serious business."
Gently grasping her arm, he spoke softly: "It's Mary Spencer."
Realizing what this must mean, she reacted with alarm. "What's happened to Mary?"
Sam wrapped his arms around her, his favorite aunt. He had always admired her stunbborn independence. He looked her in the eye and lowered his voice. "She was murdered."

Aaroncroft Publishing

"There has never been a better time to be a mystery enthusiast. New writers with oodles of talent are popping out everywhere, and J. McGrath is finding a place among the ranks of new writers....McGrath rounds out his characters nicely, even giving the bad guys human qualities which the reader can relate to, creating even more layers to his murder....This is a fine first effort from a man with experience, tact and a shrewd understanding of human nature. A great tale which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat!" --The Miswest Book Review

"Murder at sunset...offers a blood splattered cover, which is no lie. Almost a dozen people will be murdered before this book reaches its conclusion. And yet, it held my interest. The concept is original, if not a bit frightening." --Judith Field, The Express-Star, Chickasha, OK

"Thanks for writing such a wonderful book, Murder at Sunset. I normally don't read them, but when I saw it on the list, I decided to take a chance on it. Wow! You did a beautiful job on it. It can be ralated to any of the nursing homes or institutions....I started reading the book and could not put it down....Here I was reading it after midnight...." --Mary Barrett, The Nashville News, Nashville, IL

ISBN: 0971607214
ISBN(13-digit): 9780971607217
Copyright: 2001
Book Publisher: Aaroncroft Publishing
Binding: Perfect
No. of Pages: 292
Paper Weight (lb): 50#
Acid Free Paper: Yes
Neutral pH Paper: Yes

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