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Self-Esteem, the Essence of You
Ida Greene, Ph.D.
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This book talks about the true essence of who we are. The most important relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. It dictates what you get in life, where you go, how far you go in life, how much money you make.

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This book is about the struggles of life we needless encounter, because we do not fully understand what life and living is about. I have come to agree with Buddha, that pain is necessary in life, but that struggle is optional. What he is saying to us, is that it is not what happens to us in life that affects us, but it is the expectations and the beliefs that we hold about what happens to us that will determine how we feel and respond to the circumstances of life.

Life is not fair, and it is not just. It is a proving ground and training camp for us to work out our soul's salvation. Due to a lot of soul searching and studying about the meaning of life, I have come to the conclusion that there is such a thing as reincarnation. The only value that the concept of reincarnation serves is the idea of a cause and an effect. I am certain that much of my pain and suffering in this lifetime is because of past erroneous beliefs and ideas I have embraced. I have endured so much pain and suffering in my life, that I do not want to go through this experience called life again. I certainly do not believe in suicide, for I believe it is an unpardonable sin.
I see that the only purpose for us to be in a body or to cope with the pains of life is to perfect our soul. The only way a diamond can be perfected, is for it to go through a refining process. Likewise the only way to get a perfect pearl is through roughness and friction. And the only way you and I can perfect our soul is to become like the Christ presence or energy. We must die daily to our old nature. We humans are creatures of comfort and familiarity. We resist change and abhor change. Yet, this is the only way we can grow. We want to hang on to our old ways, old beliefs, old behavior patterns, and old life styles. Even though they may have never worked, or may have caused us much pain and suffering.

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ISBN: 1881165051
ISBN(13-digit): 9781881165057
Copyright: 1996
Book Publisher: PSI Publishers
Binding: Sewn
No. of Pages: 145
Paper Weight (lb): 80
Coated Paper: Yes

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