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Philosophy Regarding Returns

Returns and refunds are critical to our activities here. They are as important, and perhaps more so, than the books themselves.

Consider that purchasing books from small and self publishers is highly speculative, as readers do not have access to the usual resources (critical reviews, best-seller lists, recommendations from librarians and booksellers) that usually indicate the merit of a book. For these reasons, if readers know that their purchases can be easily and freely returned, they will feel comfortable doing business with us, despite any disappointment with books that they have purchased.

As many of our booklisters are new to Internet sales, an important point to note:

You are here to make money.

And so are we. Of course, we both are also here to promote writing, books and the life of the mind, as well. But neither of us is here to prove who is right; we are not here to argue with customers. We are here to make money.

There is some loss involved with any business. That loss is often uncontrollable, or is controllable only through the expenditure of more money than what is saved.

So plan to withstand some small amount of uncontrolled loss in your interactions with customers. The pricing and reimbursement structure through booksXYZ is designed so that you, as a booklister, can withstand a reasonable amount of loss, and still be quite profitable.

For these reasons, in questions of returns, we will generally side with the customer. Our belief, and our business experience, is that booksXYZ will enjoy return business from customers who are satisfied. While a booklister might (rightly) feel that a customer who has been unfair will not return to that particularly booklister as a customer, it must be remembered that some of our future customers will be those whom booklisters and booksXYZ have made sacrifices to accommodate in the past.

Note well, however, that booksXYZ will track the reliability of everyone who uses our services, both readers and booklisters. This will help to protect you in two ways.

First, it will help us identify and respond to customers who are unreasonable or unscrupulous. This will help us protect you from large losses in your dealings with customers.

Second, it will help us likewise identify and respond to booklisters who are unreasonable or unscrupulous. This will help protect both our reputation, and the reputations of our booklisters. As customers come to trust us as a highly scrupulous enterprise, who only represents booklisters who are also scrupulous, we will all enjoy a level of credibility, and a volume of return business that will benefit us all.