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Selling Books - Overview

Register with us.
Login and under your Profile select Manage Books. Select 'Add Book' and enter as many books as you would like to list on our website.

For each book, you will be able to select whether you want to sell through us or not, and if so, at what level.
Print out and sign a copy of the Agreement, and send it to us with a voided check.

Once you have completed the above, we will send you a test order. When we do, send us sample copies of your books, just as in Steps 4 through 6. (The sample is not a purchase, but is necessary for internal verification purposes.)
After we have received all paperwork and verified that the sample was properly shipped, you will be able to sell through us. When we begin e-mailing your orders to you, visit your account area on our secure website to process your orders.
Process your order on our website.

Print out the order as an invoice, and package it with the book.
Ten working days after you have shipped, we will e-mail the customer to confirm delivery. If the customer responds that they have received the package, or if they do not respond at all, we will credit your account for 85% of the sale price, and all of the shipping costs. Our 15%, minus overhead, will fund public education across the country through APSE.
The preceding information is meant as an overview only, and does not constitute a guarantee nor any binding agreement between us. For full explanation, see the Booklister Agreement.