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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not the author of the book. I am either a small publisher, or someone authorized to represent a self-published author. May I list books?
Absolutely. Our mission is to promote writing, ideas, and books - particularly those books that are not backed by the financial and distribution strength of the major publishers.
Will you add other services in the future?
Yes. Our full business model will become more apparent as we add more features. Some of those features will be free to all authors and small publishing houses, other features will be available for nominal fees.
You say that you are listing books free of charge. Will there be a fee in the future?
No. Authors will always be able to list books with us at no charge. This is both a calling card to promote our service, and it also fulfills our mission to promote writing, ideas, and books. (booksXYZ is entirely owned by a nonprofit organization; see About Us)
Are you going to sell the information we submit?
ABSOLUTELY NOT. Your confidential information will be surrendered only under court order. At all times, we will keep all of our clients' and visitors' information strictly confidential, except of course for the information about you and your books that you list on the Internet for everyone to see. While we reserve the right to vend information about trends we observe on our website (e.g., where people tend to go, what crossover interest among books is noted by visitors, what regional/demographic groups show interest in various books, etc.), no information identified with any individual, nor any small group of individuals, will ever willingly be shared: not vended, bartered, lent, nor shared in any way.
Why do you need my password?
Your password should be unique to our site, and you should not use one that you use elsewhere. It will allow you to modify information and add/delete books in the future.