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booksXYZ's PrivateShelf™ is the ideal vehicle for smaller publishers to create and control his or her own "website," while simultaneously listing books on a nationally recognized website. All of this is provided at a tiny fraction of the cost, learning time, and management attention that are offered by any other service, anywhere else.

To view examples of the PrivateShelf™ product, visit these two clients:
Center for Louisiana Studies
Marine Techniques Publishing

As you can see, PrivateShelf™ allows you:

  1. a single URL (web address) for listing all of your titles together;
  2. the ability to list an unlimited number of books on our website, each of which will allow you all of the many features we offer; and
  3. the ability to create and modify categories in your PrivateShelf™, divide them into Headings & Subheadings, and then designate what books appear in which, and how many, of your categories.

In addition, booksXYZ provides you with all of our standard functionality, including:

  1. a unique URL (web address) for each of your titles that can be used in e-mails, e-newsletters, websites, and the like (e.g., Audubon: A Retrospective http://booksxyz.com/profile.php?bid=468855);
  2. tools for constantly and quickly updating your information;
  3. tools for marketing and promoting titles;
  4. credit cards processing through our secure server;
  5. shipment tracking;
  6. instantly updated accounting records;
  7. and most importantly, an on-line platform that booklisters and readers know they can trust.

Before continuing, please be sure that you have read our User Agreement, Step by Step Instructions and Membership Levels (note that to participate in PrivateShelf™, you must enter your titles as "Full Sale" listings). Also be sure to note that we are not a traditional retailer; you do not sell and ship books to us, but instead you serve as a drop shipper for your titles, at a 15% discount. And of course, all of your profits go into education nationwide.

PrivateShelf™ Instructions.

To utilize PrivateShelf™ and all of its features, you will need to:

  1. Register yourself and/or your company on our website. Click here to register.
  2. List your books (at least three) in the Full Sale option; the cost for this is a one-time $10 per title, to a maximum of $100; note that this amount is also your PrivateShelf™ setup fee. If you list less than 10 books, then your setup fee is simply your titles listed times $10. Also, once you have spent the $100 maximum, you may list as many additional titles as you like at no additional charge. (NB: If you list a large number of books, you may find it easier to submit them to us first in a spreadsheet format. Once you have organized your Headings and Subheadings, below, we can create a spreadsheet template that will allow you to submit your titles in a single document. If this is your situation, skip this step, and continue to the end. When you e-mail us, tell us that you wish to submit a spreadsheet, and we will work with you from there.)
  3. booksXYZ lists 25 titles per page. So obviously, before you need to create Headings and Subheadings for your PrivateShelf™ listings, you will need to list as least 26 titles.
  4. Once you have created and organized your PrivateShelf™ categories into Headings and Subheadings, and assigned your titles accordingly, our servers will automatically assign your books to their respective categories based on your choices. You can modify your titles, and rearrange the Headings and Subheadings, at any time.

If you have read and understood all of this, e-mail us to create your own PrivateShelf™!